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Mistress Lisa
Mistress Lisa
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Interviewer: Nikki
Date of Interview: 12/10/2007

We caught up with Mistress Lisa of LisaDomina Productions and asked her a few questions about how she got into being a pro-domme and what it's been like. She's one of our favorite people on the site as she is one of the most open and exploratory Dommes out there. What she does with her subs pushes the limits, and rides on an exciting edge.

How were you introduced to BDSM and how did you get involved?

I was introduced to BDSM by an ex-boyfriend. In a way we introduced each other. Neither of us had ever done anything involving dominance and submission before. He discovered an extremely open minded adventurous spirit in me. In him I discovered a very masculine, take charge individual who was very confident in his public life, but who had a deep emotional need to be submissive to the woman he loves. (That was me) We started off with things that are pretty tame, like tying him up and spanking him. At first it was hard for me to beat him, but I soon learned to enjoy it. I began to learn that there is a need for a true submissive to suffer in some way for his mistress. It satisfies some deep seated need in the submissive's psyche. In some slaves they want humiliation, in others they want to suffer pain, and others embarrassment. By beating my boyfriend I was satisfying his need to suffer for me. I learned that he was nicer, more attentive, more loving, and of course more obedient if I punished him regularly. This is what really got me to love Female domination.

How did you get started in the adult industry?

I got started in the adult industry as a result of the relationship I just mentioned. I was a lifestyle domme first before I became a pro-domme. It started when I began with personal ads looking for like-minded individuals to assist in training my cuckold boyfriend in forced bi, sissification and other forms of humiliation. Once I did that I got many more responses from submissive men who expected to pay for the privilege of being in my presence, so I let them. That's how I became a professional dominatrix. I began advertising as a pro domme at that point and started my website Once I was established as a pro-domme I started getting requests from fans from all over the world that couldn't see me personally, but wanted custom videos of me doing specific things to my slaves. These first videos were filmed with inexpensive camcorders. Once I started doing this it was the next step to make videos of better quality. Eventually I got a pro camera, a videographer, and someone to edit the material. Recently the video side of my business has been growing. You can see my VOD theater here.

What has been your favorite BDSM scene that you've done?

That is a hard question to answer. For me it is not so much the scene that interests me as much as the level of submission I can get from a slave. I enjoy the true submissives...the ones who are willing to do whatever I want regardless if it is an activity that easily arouses them. For instance, I enjoy sissy training male slaves that are not attracted to men at all, but want to be forced to suck cock because they don't enjoy it, but enjoy the fact that their mistress is enjoying their misery and humiliation. I really love that! I have done sessions with slaves who I whored out for the whole night. I sissified them with full makeup, heels, and lingerie, placed an ad asking for any and all horny males who can do whatever they want to my slut after they pay a fee to enter the party. By the end of the night the slut has been whipped, fucked in the ass, and sucked so many cocks I lose count. I use the money to go shopping.

What has been the most "extreme" act you've done for a photo shoot or movie?

Well, I can't get as extreme as I'd like to in videos because of all the legal restrictions. I have a reputation as doing very extreme sessions with some of my slaves that most other dommes shy away from; for instance, scat/toilet training and heavy torture/humiliation. So, for the videos I get as extreme as possible without getting myself in trouble. One of my more extreme videos was with slut Sandy. I dressed him up as a girl with corset, wig, makeup, and heels and whipped him with a special whip I had made just for him. It was made from strands of metal aircraft cable and really did some damage quickly. Every time I whipped him I left a mark on his body. I whipped his ass and inner legs until he was crying and sobbing uncontrollably and begging me to stop. It was real too, not acting. Next I pissed in a chamber pot and made him beg to drink it. I brought in another guy who pissed in the same pot while I whipped and paddled Sandy. The guy gave me a few bucks on video to beat up on Sandy. He really punched him hard in the ribs, gut and ass until Sandy was just curled up in the fetal position, crying even more while I laughed. The other guy left at that point but I was having so much fun torturing Sandy. I poured trash over Sandy's head and made him chew on some used tampons and used condoms while I shoved used condoms and trash up Sandy's ass. I packed the garbage further up his ass with a spear I had made, which is a long stick with a dildo attached to the end. I had a really good time doing that video because it was basically a session where I was just being my normal lovable, sadistic self. Slut Sandy was great to torture too because the slut just loves to suffer for me. Click here for the video.

What is your favorite fetish? Do you practice this in your personal life as well or is it strictly business?

One of my personal fetishes is cuckolding. This is something I do only in my personal life. I get requests for cuckolding in a session but for me it isn't really real unless I am cuckolding someone I am actually in a relationship with. Having a cuckold really defines the relationship in that I am the dominant one and the boyfriend is the submissive one. The "rules" of the relationship are unfair for a normal couple but once agreed to it becomes the rule, unfair as it is. As the dominant one I can make new rules to increase the sexual frustration of my boyfriend. For instance, I can make my boyfriend wear a chastity device for an extra week if he doesn't do a good enough job with his chores or his tongue gets tired while orally pleasing me, things like that. With my ex-boyfriend/cuckold I denied him sex totally but it was his job to remind me at exactly 8pm to take my birth control pills. If he was late, even one minute I would come up with a punishment to remind him. Sometimes he had to wear a butt plug all day till 8pm the next day or I might attach a set of spikes called the "points of intrigue" onto his chastity device. It was very exciting because the more he was denied the more submissive and subservient he became. By controlling a man's cock you control his behavior.

Another one of my favorite fetishes is toilet training. I do this as a professional dominatrix and in my private life. It is really an extreme form of worship because the slave is doing something very unpleasant by eating his mistress's waste. Most slaves that enjoy this have to be in a deep submissive state and extremely aroused to even begin to worship me this way. Some slaves like to be forced to eat it by beating them, whipping, kicking, pulling on their balls, etc.... Others like to do it in a very worshipful way with me spoon feeding my shit to them while I reassure them gently and tell them what a good slave they are for not letting mistress's shit go to waste. I enjoy both types of toilet slaves.

What are your favorite items in your "toy box"?

Some of my favorite things to use are chastity devices such as the CB 3000 along with all the accessories such as the points of intrigue. Another item I use is my toilet box. It is a metal and plexiglass box that has a toilet seat on the top. Once I am sitting on it a piece of the box closes over the slave's head preventing his head from escaping. I have holes in the side as well so I can use it in conjunction with a mouth spreader. It is fun to use because I can sit comfortably and read a magazine or whatever while my slave struggles below me to be a good toilet for mistress.

Do you have any advice to give newbies in the scene?

For aspiring dommes I would say to not do anything you don't want to do. Do only what you are comfortable with. You will get burned out if you try to accommodate all your slaves. For instance, when I first started I felt uncomfortable doing strap-on training. I'm not sure why because I was very comfortable with more extreme fetishes, but strap-on was something I liked to do only with someone I was in a relationship with. As a result I didn't do any strap-on training my first few years as a dominatrix. Later on I started doing it and now I really enjoy it. I even had a slave of mine make a strap-on bench where I can tie my strap-on sissies down and have great access to their asses and mouths.

For aspiring submissives my advice is to accept your role in the relationship. Don't top from the bottom because it really ruins the enjoyment of the session. With that in mind communicate your likes, dislikes, and limits fully to your fetish partner. For those submissives who are married or seriously dating but want your woman to dominate you I would suggest to start out slowly. Do nice, thoughtful things for her. Wash her car, rub her feet, cook for her and ask for nothing in return. Spoil her until she learns to expect you to spoil her. Once she is at that point you can share some of your milder fantasies with her. A woman who is catered to and treated like a goddess is much more likely to act the part in her personal life. Once you start establishing your roles in this way you will be on track to having a lifestyle Dom/Sub relationship.

What does the future hold for Mistress Lisa?

I would like to see LisaDomina Productions grow and make more videos. I'd also like to travel more as a domme and do sessions in more cities. I get a lot of requests to travel but my slaves here in Los Angeles keep me pretty busy.

On a personal level I'd like to meet someone I'm compatible with and fall in love. Isn't that what all women want, even pro dommes? I get a lot of offers of course but I'm picky, and living with me will definitely be a challenge for even the most submissive person.

We all look forward to anything Mistress Lisa puts out there; to check out some more of her videos click here.

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